High Quality Industrial Grade Commercial Works

Looking to increase your business sales from improving your business headquarters or need high quality coatings for all industrial properties? Mayenza is the right choice for you.

Specialising in commercial coatings we can offer you reliable work without disrupting the flow of you business schedule. A great job begins with great paint, thats why we use industrial grade products engineered to outlast all of the climates witnessed in Melbourne from the blazing heat to cold wet winters. We offer the whole work experience from high pressure cleaning, sandblasting and multiple coatings on all commercial surfaces. 

We also offer maintenance services to keep your business constantly operating at efficient levels. 

What we offer:

Graffiti Removal - with graffiti a constant hassle for local business and factories, we can clean your surfaces leaving a fresh revitalised piece of property.

Pressure Washing - all types of cleaning using a high pressure cleaner, cost effective. Driveways, surfaces, walls, roofs.

Timber Work - maintenance of all timber work from re-application of weather coatings and colour, as well as exposed timber work and windows. 

Body Corporate - reliable cost effective maintenance for all body corporate work.